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Digital Company Secretarial Package Malaysia

Appoint us as your digital Company Secretary in Malaysia. Choose Pay as You go package OR All In Packages

Features Pay As You Go All In
Licensed Company Secretary (Retainer Fee)
Registered Office Address
Access to Statutory Documents (via web and mobile app)
All standard resolution
Up to 3 Certified True Copy on Documents per month
*Preparation and Submission of Annual Return (worth RM300)
*Submission of Audited Financial Statement (worth RM300)
Printing, Phone & Fax Fees
Postage Fees to Business Address (within Malaysia)
*Yearly Beneficial Ownership Reporting

*SSM fee is not included. 

Our Pricing

Choose Pay as You go package OR All In Packages. You get more discounts when you opt to our yearly plan.

Pay As You Go
All In Package


RM900 per year
RM 75 Per Month


RM510 every 6 months
RM 85 Per Month


pay monthly
RM 95 Per Month


RM1,800 per year
RM 150 Per Month


RM960 every 6 months
RM 160 Per Month


pay monthly
RM 190 Per Month

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Company Secretary is a resident individual who is appointed by Board of Director and are licensed under Professional Bodies in Malaysia or SSM to act as Company Secretary.

We provide Licensed Company Secretarial services in Malaysia to meet your statutory needs.

According to Section 236 of the Companies Act 2016, all Sdn Bhd must appoint a company secretary within 30 days from its date of incorporation. If you incorporate your Sdn Bhd through Foundershive, Foundershive will automatically be appointed as your company secretary.

Company secretary duties are to ensure that the Company comply to the Companies act and relevant law; to ensure information of shareholder, director are up to date; to lodge annual return and annual financial statement to SSM; safekeep all meeting minutes and written resolutions of board meetings; provide Certified True Copy documents for opening a bank account, etc.

There will be a retainer fee to appoint us as your Company Secretary.

You may choose our Company Secretarial Services from the above package.

Apart from retainer fee above, there will be additional fee required every time you need a service to be perform by Company Secretary. This may be CTC of documents, lodging annual returns and financial reports to SSM, minutes, increase of share capital etc. If you choose All In package, most services has been included in your the package feature. 

Pay As You Go Package

You only pay on the services that you need. Everytime you need a secretary service, you will be paying on that particular service and any cost associated to said service only (example printing, postage, etc).

All In Package

This package suits the entrepreneur who would want peace of mind. It includes features like free up to 8 CTC documents per month, preparation and submission of Annual Return, printing, phone & fax fees, postage fees to business Address (within Malaysia).

Refer to our pricing listing for more details

No all of our packages are flexible. You do not have lock in period. However, we would feel very sad if you decided to leave us.

Fees paid that are not utilized are non refundable.


To act as Company Secretary, individual must be a licensed Company Secretary registered with SSM or Professional Bodies in Malaysia. 

If your internal secretary have a valid license, yes you may appoint your internal secretary to act as Company Secretary of your Sdn Bhd

As the name may be the same, the duties of Company Secretary differ.

A normal secretary duties may involve more on administrative day to day work. Whereas Company Secretary’s duties are more on compliance and governance of Companies Act.

If you incorporate your Company with us, you will automatically appoint us as your Company Secretary. We provide Digital Company Secretarial services unlike the conventional firms.

For existing Sdn Bhd who wishes to change your existing Company Secretary to Foundershive, contact us to obtain more information.